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unknown other, significant place


Galerie Jelení


Gabriela BK
Gabriela BK is a Czech-American activist and visual artist currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. She completed her high school education in Czech Republic, Germany and California, and continued with university at UC Santa Cruz. She is currently studying photography at the FAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, works with various non-profit and grassroots organizations in the movement for climate justice. She currently works as Assistant Director of the international NGO ArtDialog and manages the ArtMill Center for Creative Sustainability in Western Bohemia. Her photographic work has various focuses, from the environmental crisis to psychology and the destigmatisation of mental health, art as activism and the role of privilege in the deconstruction of the photographic medium itself. Her most recent work is the collaborative book "You Are Here," a series of guides to non-hierarchical communal living and permaculture gardening as a beginning to self-sufficiency and sustainability. 

Ranaji Deb
Ranaji Deb is a storyteller born in Agartala, India. Growing up in the suburbs of Bombay he developed a curiosity towards nature, relationships and technology. Having a background education from diverse fields of bioinformatics, marketing communications and user experience design eventually led him to study photography at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). In the classical studio he is exploring the boundaries of photography. Inspired by the Czech philosopher & theorist Vilem Flusser, his work has focused on deconstructing the medium and form. In 2018, Lonely Planet Magazine published his photograph titled “deconstruct” as one of the cover pages for its 100th anniversary edition. His passion for collecting stories behind people, places and photographs has been noted in journals since 2001. During the summer of 2019, he revisited this passion by hitchhiking across Europe for three months while relying on the kindness and cruelty of strangers. Being primarily experimental in nature, exploring the merging of memory, identity and society; his works have been exhibited in selected galleries across Ahmedabad, Pune, Prague, New York and Beroun.

Dajana Düring
Dajana Düring (*1994, Hannover, DE) currently studying Visual Communication, Class of Gosbert Adler, HBK Braunschweig) and Pauli Wilhelm (*1996 in Moers, D), currently studying performing arts at HBK Braunschweig, are friends and artists.

Gordon Endt
Gordon Endt (* 1996 in Freiburg, D) deals with social issues in his artistic work, phenomena of communication such as confusion of narration and facts or the genesis and intention of commercials and marketing strategies. Through collages, transformations or direct interventions on the photo print, he humorously explores the relationship between promise and reality.

Jette Held
Jette Held (*1981 in Tanne, D) is a visual artist based in Germany. Her works include several media like photography, cameraless photography, artist books, installation and performance. She is interested in the order of the world, what is emerging from it and how we can grasp it. 

Saki Hoshino
Saki Hoshino (*1991 in Gunma, JAP) is a photographer currently based in Braunschweig, Germany. She received her first degree in Gunma from 2011 to 2015. Hoshino studied international communication with a focus on international politics and psycholinguistics. She has been studying photography at the Braunschweig University of Art since 2016. She finds her motifs in everyday life. She’s interested in how visible and invisible things recognize, how those cognitions are changed, and how they affect individuals and groups.

Paul Kluth
Sarai Meyron
Sarai Meyron (*1995 in Jerusalem, ISR) is a visual artist based in Germany since 2015. Her works span a number of mediums, such as photography, film, installation and creative writing. Cultural and gender identity, history and archives are a few of the themes in her work.

Hanna Samoson
Hanna Samoson (*1987 in Estonia) studied audiovisual media and photography. Play for her often becomes what one could call “art” and she plays to learn about herself and to find friends who want to play together. She is interested in how being physically active (mostly due to long-distance running) effects the creative process and how the change in the state of mind that physical activity brings, can be used as a tool and inspiration for creating/playing.

Leevi Toija
Leevi Toija (*1998, Helsinki, FI) currently studies photography at the new aesthetics studio of FAMU in Prague. Keen to express a dissenting view on our contemporary society, he focuses on the afflictions of individuals. Leevi Toija uses a variety of media from moving and still images to the creation of 3D objects.

Jakub Tulinger
Jakub Tulinger (*1996 in Czech Republic), 2 year of bachelor studies on FAMU. Recently I work a lot with field sound and video and I am trying to explore how it can related with subjectivity. I am using a performative way of thinking, which is based in Ivan Vyskočil's concept living through public loneliness and how someone can deal with it. 

Valentin Wedde
Valentin Wedde ( *1996 Dresden, raised in Berlin, D) has been studying visual communication and free art at the Braunschweig University of Art since 2016. His focus is mainly on photography and drawing. In his photographic work he deals with human communication as well as physical and emotional touch. In 2017 he received the German Academic Scholarship and in 2019 a DAAD scholarship for a semester stay in Bogota, Colombia.

Zoe Zaucker
Zoe Zaucker (*1996 in Berlin, D) is currently studying Fine Arts at the HBK Braunschweig in the photography class of Natalie Czech. She mainly works with photography and text. Using her own and found material, she brings them together and places them into new contexts. Most of her work deals with economy and society, tradition, stereotypes, cultural appropriation and gender roles.


Stephanie Kiwitt
Anna Voswinckel
Tereza Rudolf


8/10/2020  16:00


9/10–1/11 2020

Místo konání

Galerie Jelení
Dukelských Hrdinů 500/25A, Praha 7
st–ne 15–18 h

Výstava vznikla na základě dlouhodobé spolupráce studentů v rámci workshopu Uneven Ground. Ten byl jedním z přípravných projektů Fotograf Festivalu. Zahraniční studenti pražské FAMU a HBK v Brunšviku se při něm zaměřili na pojmy jinakosti a setkání. Výstava, pro kterou studenty inspirovaly rozhovory s hostujícími umělci a vzájemná setkání nad jejich studentskými pracemi, byla poprvé představena jako dočasná expozice v galerii Panel s názvem Ty, to druhé já. V průběhu navazujícího semináře na HBK, jehož podobu výrazně ovlivnily okolnosti pandemie covidu-19, byla diskuze studentů dále formována pojetím sebe-percepce a mezioborové výměny ve veřejném prostoru. Vystavované fotografické práce, videa a performance se zabývají otázkami setkávání, překračování hranic a vnímání druhého bez exotizujícího pohledu.

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